The Dangers of Isolation

Isolation can be a good thing, when positive thoughts or rewards will result. Think studying for an exam, or brainstorming up a business idea or solution. Or even meditation and reflection that would produce a positive change. But sometimes, isolation does have very bad consequences. A hunter often captures an animal by isolating it fromContinue reading “The Dangers of Isolation”

What will be in 2020.

2020 is here!!! A whole 365 years to make something for myself! Would I be more productive, more friendly, more achieving? Would I experience loss, lack or limitations? Would I travel or be immersed in activities? Or would I let the year just toss me in its tides? I don’t know what this year wouldContinue reading “What will be in 2020.”


Lost, lost, lost again.Darkness, sin, not again.Hiding, lonely,turn away,Why I cannot stand this way!He, she, them, who?Sunken deep, run to, Eyes screaming, hear me, help me!Looks away, letting me beSearching deeper, lights nowGreen, blue, color, hued,Way truth life pewSeek, ask, knock, museStay, Stayed, StayingMinding, meddling, fighting battleI want to live, lighting, lovingHold, heartbeat, hold again

First of all, BOOM!!

Hello blog readers, I am excited to have set this up. I know there are almost as many blogs or websites as are people on the planet, and you being here is so amazing for me. This blog will discuss issues that is pertinent (I hope!) to everyone of every age. The overarching theme isContinue reading “First of all, BOOM!!”