What will be in 2020.

2020 is here!!!

A whole 365 years to make something for myself! Would I be more productive, more friendly, more achieving? Would I experience loss, lack or limitations? Would I travel or be immersed in activities? Or would I let the year just toss me in its tides?

I don’t know what this year would bring, but I know what I can put into the year.

I can start planning my goals per day, per week, per month, per quarter, per half year, and my goals at the end of the year.

I can speak positively into the year. I can pray to my God and meditate on His word.

I can choose my friends. I can read enriching books, and listen to inspirational lectures.

I can start that business already. It’s better to try and fail, than not trying at all.

I can put in determination, discipline and drive.

I can put in love, joy and faith.

I can do so many things that can shape the amorphous mass that is 2020. So that at the end of the year, I would look back and say, Yo 2020! You have been amazing!!

Published by kiyalio

Hi! My name is Joan, fellow life-traveler with you. I am a mother to four boisterous but amazing children, and wife to the kindest man. This blog is about my thoughts, experiences and perspectives and I hope we would learn something together

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