The Dangers of Isolation

Isolation can be a good thing, when positive thoughts or rewards will result. Think studying for an exam, or brainstorming up a business idea or solution. Or even meditation and reflection that would produce a positive change. But sometimes, isolation does have very bad consequences.

A hunter often captures an animal by isolating it from the herd. Isolating that animal excludes it from the protection a group affords, thereby weakening the animal considerably. The further away the prey moves from the herd, the weaker it becomes and the lower it’s chances of escape from the predator. Eventually, unless the animal is innately capable of defending itself, it would be maimed or even killed.

The same occurs with actions, circumstances, habits and thoughts that would destroy us. They are often very isolating.. They steal us from the protection of social modulation. Consider overeating. Victims of this habit rarely overindulge in public spaces. They eat the most when alone, in the privacy of rooms, or their homes or when with individuals who either feed their habits, or have no authority over it.

Masturbation, pornography, dark thought, suicidal thoughts, crimes etc often occur in isolated or dark places.

So come out. Into the light. Are you sad or depressed? Come out! Talk to someone. Bad habits? Come out into the open. Share your thoughts with someone.

There is something about exposing darkness that lets the light in, and brings some salvation. This is a big part of psychology and in fact the multi billion dollar industry that is the counseling and psychology fields. Talk to someone before the darkness that isolation brings consumes you. It is better to be exposed before a crime than after a crime.

You are not alone. Many people are struggling with so many issues. The difference is, how it is handled. Some find God. Others are involved in groups. Others seek counseling. Others in activities. Just do something. Do not stay alone.

Published by kiyalio

Hi! My name is Joan, fellow life-traveler with you. I am a mother to four boisterous but amazing children, and wife to the kindest man. This blog is about my thoughts, experiences and perspectives and I hope we would learn something together

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