The Dream that wasn’t.

She slipped into slumber, her arms still warm from holding her baby in her arms. Quite suddenly, she heard a ring or a door close. Then she felt her self rising up in the darkness. The darkness was thick: she couldn’t feel her body but her senses were alive. The only sounds was the speed of her flying, through the roof of the house into what appeared to be outer space.

Being religious, she thought it was the event of rapture. Rapture was a Christian belief wherein adherents of the faith would be caught up with Christ into heaven at the close of age. It was something every believer was looking forward too. She started calling on the name of Jesus Christ. She asked for mercy, and for forgiveness of all sins.

After a while of flying in the darkness, she felt a sudden panic. Where was the bright light? Where was the golden city of heaven? Where was Jesus Christ? Was this the rapture? Or was she…. dying?

She became aware of a tingling numbness in her feet. She assumed the dull pain on her right side was from her liver. Death?

She started to cry. She didn’t want to die! She began praying. Who would take care of her four young children? She thought about each one of them. She thought of her husband. She cried out to her God.

Almost as suddenly as the whole event, she felt herself slam into her body and open her eyes. She looked around the dark room. Her baby was sleeping peacefully. Her heart was pounding. Her feet were still tingling. It didn’t feel like a dream; it had been too real, too palpable. She wrapped her baby in her arms, lost in thought.

Published by kiyalio

Hi! My name is Joan, fellow life-traveler with you. I am a mother to four boisterous but amazing children, and wife to the kindest man. This blog is about my thoughts, experiences and perspectives and I hope we would learn something together

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