Life’s Meaning

Many times, I stop in my tracks and ask myself, What does life even mean? Yes, there is love and laughter, family, friends, work and food and drinks and intimacy and spa and travel and tea…. But then, what else, what next?

All living humans eventually pass away. Some in the womb, others at infancy, but at some point, our lives may be taken away at one point or the other. There is a preponderance of literature that talks about the human passing and afterlife, but what is true? And sometimes, I think it is unnerving and perhaps distressing, that at the end of this life we leave everything behind. Not even the clothes on on our backs. Somehow, our very essence, our spirit and soul, what makes us alive, and is responsible for brain activity, just exits as in through a door, into a place unknown to science.

And when the time comes, nothing, absolutely nothing can stop the escape of spirit and soul from body. So what then is our life, if it ends as it eventually must.

I think love is life, and life is love. Indeed, from ancient past, when a man loves a woman, he comes to her and their loving creates life. There is no meaningful life without loving, and no loving that does not give life. When a human, or any living thing is loved, it thrives and grows, brimming with life (think about your relationships, or children, even pets or a lovingly tended plant).

Life is for loving, and loving is living.

Sometimes, there is no love in the family or community or even whole countries. In such places, death and loss dominates and life is painful. Some people do not know love, or only know an imperfect semblance, based on lust, or transaction. This occurs when their childhood is broken or stolen, and the effects persists forever. To such people, offer the purest love when you meet them. Hold their hands and gain their trust, till you finally, lovingly, hold their hearts

This is the true meaning of life: sharing and getting pure loving.

Published by kiyalio

Hi! My name is Joan, fellow life-traveler with you. I am a mother to four boisterous but amazing children, and wife to the kindest man. This blog is about my thoughts, experiences and perspectives and I hope we would learn something together

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