Life’s Meaning

Many times, I stop in my tracks and ask myself, What does life even mean? Yes, there is love and laughter, family, friends, work and food and drinks and intimacy and spa and travel and tea…. But then, what else, what next?

All living humans eventually pass away. Some in the womb, others at infancy, but at some point, our lives may be taken away at one point or the other. There is a preponderance of literature that talks about the human passing and afterlife, but what is true? And sometimes, I think it is unnerving and perhaps distressing, that at the end of this life we leave everything behind. Not even the clothes on on our backs. Somehow, our very essence, our spirit and soul, what makes us alive, and is responsible for brain activity, just exits as in through a door, into a place unknown to science.

And when the time comes, nothing, absolutely nothing can stop the escape of spirit and soul from body. So what then is our life, if it ends as it eventually must.

I think love is life, and life is love. Indeed, from ancient past, when a man loves a woman, he comes to her and their loving creates life. There is no meaningful life without loving, and no loving that does not give life. When a human, or any living thing is loved, it thrives and grows, brimming with life (think about your relationships, or children, even pets or a lovingly tended plant).

Life is for loving, and loving is living.

Sometimes, there is no love in the family or community or even whole countries. In such places, death and loss dominates and life is painful. Some people do not know love, or only know an imperfect semblance, based on lust, or transaction. This occurs when their childhood is broken or stolen, and the effects persists forever. To such people, offer the purest love when you meet them. Hold their hands and gain their trust, till you finally, lovingly, hold their hearts

This is the true meaning of life: sharing and getting pure loving.

The Dangers of Isolation

Isolation can be a good thing, when positive thoughts or rewards will result. Think studying for an exam, or brainstorming up a business idea or solution. Or even meditation and reflection that would produce a positive change. But sometimes, isolation does have very bad consequences.

A hunter often captures an animal by isolating it from the herd. Isolating that animal excludes it from the protection a group affords, thereby weakening the animal considerably. The further away the prey moves from the herd, the weaker it becomes and the lower it’s chances of escape from the predator. Eventually, unless the animal is innately capable of defending itself, it would be maimed or even killed.

The same occurs with actions, circumstances, habits and thoughts that would destroy us. They are often very isolating.. They steal us from the protection of social modulation. Consider overeating. Victims of this habit rarely overindulge in public spaces. They eat the most when alone, in the privacy of rooms, or their homes or when with individuals who either feed their habits, or have no authority over it.

Masturbation, pornography, dark thought, suicidal thoughts, crimes etc often occur in isolated or dark places.

So come out. Into the light. Are you sad or depressed? Come out! Talk to someone. Bad habits? Come out into the open. Share your thoughts with someone.

There is something about exposing darkness that lets the light in, and brings some salvation. This is a big part of psychology and in fact the multi billion dollar industry that is the counseling and psychology fields. Talk to someone before the darkness that isolation brings consumes you. It is better to be exposed before a crime than after a crime.

You are not alone. Many people are struggling with so many issues. The difference is, how it is handled. Some find God. Others are involved in groups. Others seek counseling. Others in activities. Just do something. Do not stay alone.

What will be in 2020.

2020 is here!!!

A whole 365 years to make something for myself! Would I be more productive, more friendly, more achieving? Would I experience loss, lack or limitations? Would I travel or be immersed in activities? Or would I let the year just toss me in its tides?

I don’t know what this year would bring, but I know what I can put into the year.

I can start planning my goals per day, per week, per month, per quarter, per half year, and my goals at the end of the year.

I can speak positively into the year. I can pray to my God and meditate on His word.

I can choose my friends. I can read enriching books, and listen to inspirational lectures.

I can start that business already. It’s better to try and fail, than not trying at all.

I can put in determination, discipline and drive.

I can put in love, joy and faith.

I can do so many things that can shape the amorphous mass that is 2020. So that at the end of the year, I would look back and say, Yo 2020! You have been amazing!!

The Dream that wasn’t.

She slipped into slumber, her arms still warm from holding her baby in her arms. Quite suddenly, she heard a ring or a door close. Then she felt her self rising up in the darkness. The darkness was thick: she couldn’t feel her body but her senses were alive. The only sounds was the speed of her flying, through the roof of the house into what appeared to be outer space.

Being religious, she thought it was the event of rapture. Rapture was a Christian belief wherein adherents of the faith would be caught up with Christ into heaven at the close of age. It was something every believer was looking forward too. She started calling on the name of Jesus Christ. She asked for mercy, and for forgiveness of all sins.

After a while of flying in the darkness, she felt a sudden panic. Where was the bright light? Where was the golden city of heaven? Where was Jesus Christ? Was this the rapture? Or was she…. dying?

She became aware of a tingling numbness in her feet. She assumed the dull pain on her right side was from her liver. Death?

She started to cry. She didn’t want to die! She began praying. Who would take care of her four young children? She thought about each one of them. She thought of her husband. She cried out to her God.

Almost as suddenly as the whole event, she felt herself slam into her body and open her eyes. She looked around the dark room. Her baby was sleeping peacefully. Her heart was pounding. Her feet were still tingling. It didn’t feel like a dream; it had been too real, too palpable. She wrapped her baby in her arms, lost in thought.


Lost, lost, lost again.
Darkness, sin, not again.
Hiding, lonely,turn away,
Why I cannot stand this way!

He, she, them, who?
Sunken deep, run to,
Eyes screaming, hear me, help me!
Looks away, letting me be

Searching deeper, lights now
Green, blue, color, hued,
Way truth life pew
Seek, ask, knock, muse

Stay, Stayed, Staying
Minding, meddling, fighting battle
I want to live, lighting, loving
Hold, heartbeat, hold again

First of all, BOOM!!

Hello blog readers, I am excited to have set this up. I know there are almost as many blogs or websites as are people on the planet, and you being here is so amazing for me.

This blog will discuss issues that is pertinent (I hope!) to everyone of every age. The overarching theme is to amplify the worthiness of life and living.

Of course, there would be differences in opinion! But that has always been the beauty of our existence!

Cheers and remain blessed